Successful business administration

Attractive figures and processes in all areas of operations – from planning to analysis.

An agricultural business is confronted with daily challenges due to different business areas. Regardless of the type of business or organisational structure, an economical way of working is a basic prerequisite for the success of your business. Comprehensive software functions provide a way to keep an eye on all expenses and yields.

Comprehensive professional solution:

NEXT Crop Season and Cost Planning OFFICE

NEXT Crop Season and Cost PlanningOFFICE

Offers entirely new planning possibilities. Making it possible to easily and fully plan a new crop season.

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NEXT Lease and Area Management OFFICE

NEXT Lease and Area ManagementOFFICE

All exchange contracts, lease and licence agreements as well as sub-leases are managed with NEXT Lease and Area ManagementOFFICE.

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NEXT Member Administration OFFICE

NEXT Member AdministrationOFFICE

Displays all work processes for your cooperative.

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NEXT Storage Management OFFICE

NEXT Storage ManagementOFFICE

Makes purchasing and sales, inventories and storage and retrieval quick and easy to book.

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Allows you to directly import this data into NEXT FarmingOFFICE.

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NEXT GeodataSERVICE is a great help when ordering official ALKIS data.