Starter kit based on a climatic water balance:

  • We install a NEXT Weather Station on your farm
  • We update your own weather data regularly on the irrigation portal
  • You control the use of your irrigation on the basis of the climatic water balance, taking into account your stock and the effectiveness of your irrigation method

All data can be accessed online at any time on the irrigation portal. Use of the irrigation portal, incl. your own weather station.

Standard package based on soil moisture and evaporation models:

  • We set up a farm-specific irrigation field card index on the irrigation portal with all relevant data. Field area number/name, cultivation and irrigation area, soil characteristics, fruit types, seeding/planting dates, development stage, irrigation capacity/impact force
  • Link to the nearest DWD station for querying daily and forecast values for precipitation and potential evaporation. You own data from the NEXT Weather Station can also be integrated.
  • On the basis of operative data (weather, soil moisture, rain quantities, current development stage, cutting load), the software continuously calculates an irrigation recommendation based on the field area and weather data

Additional services:

  • Examination of the soil profile (profile exploration using P├ťRCKHAUER probe)
  • Individual telephone consultation regarding irrigation
  • On-site consultation
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Performance characteristics:

  • Individual control of irrigation on your farm
  • Based on local weather data
  • According to the specific requirements of your crops
  • In accordance with the efficiency of your irrigation systems
  • The irrigation portal is always available online
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