NEXT Prescription Map Centre LIVE

NEXT Prescription Map CentreLIVE

Simply and quickly create individual prescription maps for your fields using your imported field boundaries. Existing maps such as TalkingFields base maps and biomass maps, soil maps and yield maps can also be imported into the system and serve as a basis for your prescription maps. Prescription maps, which you create with our NEXT Prescription Map CentreLIVE are suitable for all relevant areas of agricultural soil tillage, i.e. for fertilisation, crop protection, sowing and soil tillage. After creating the maps, you can export them as ISOXML or as a shape file at the push of a button and transfer them to your machine terminal.

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Performance characteristics:

  • Creation only takes a few seconds – manually or automatically
  • Possible data basis: Soil samples, yield and satellite maps, etc.
  • Direct input of the nutrients to be applied
  • Easy transfer from the computer to the tractor terminal

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