Farm management at the touch of a button.

NEXT FarmingLIVE is our innovative software that is designed to be manufacturer-independent and self-explanatory.

NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation LIVE

NEXT Crop Planning and DocumentationLIVE

Plan your future cultivation simply, quickly and efficiently.

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NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation Pro LIVE

NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation ProLIVE

Additional functions for NEXT Crop Planning and Documentation.

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NEXT Prescription Map Centre LIVE

NEXT Prescription Map CentreLIVE

Simply and quickly create individual prescription maps for your fields using your imported field boundaries.

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NEXT Fertilisation LIVE

NEXT FertilisationLIVE

It was never easier to efficiently apply fertiliser to your fields in a needs-based way.

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NEXT Wayline Manager LIVE

NEXT Wayline ManagerLIVE

Work with digital waylines straight away.

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